Published: 08.09.2022

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Practical experience for a bright future

Working students

A total of five working students are currently gaining valuable practical experience in different departments at Kubota Brabender Technologie alongside studying for their degrees – a real win-win situation for both sides.

Benefits on both sides


  • gain valuable practical experience and insights into professional life in parallel to their more theoretical degree programs.
  • already earn money and therefore do not need to moonlight outside their particular industry.


  • get the opportunity to find qualified junior staff.
  • can at best take them on straight after graduation, without having to train and onboard them from scratch.
  • often benefit from new approaches and ideas that working students bring with them from their degree programs.

Birthe Kolodzey: working student in the Marketing and Communication team

Working student Birthe Kolodzey is no stranger to the company, as she also completed her six-month intern semester at Kubota Brabender Technologie. Concomitant to her degree program (International Business Administration), she has been working on Brabender Technologie’s new social media presence since January 2021 and regularly posts content in the form of photos, videos and text articles. She is also involved in drafting FLUX Magazine, trade fair preparations or updating factory standards.

Denise Peters: working student in the Technical Center

Denise Peters has been contributing her wealth of theoretical and practical knowledge to the Technical Center since May 2021. That’s because this working student has already qualified as an industrial mechanic and is currently doing her Bachelor’s degree in Process Engineering in the energy technology discipline. She particularly appreciates her varied range of responsibilities, such as measuring the bulk density of various samples or recording measurement series.

Ajay Manhas: working student in the Technical Center

Ajay Manhas’ key reason for wanting to be employed by Kubota Brabender Technologie as a working student is the fact that the company is a global leader in launching innovative technologies on the market. Having completed his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, he is now doing his Master’s majoring in digitalization and automation. He has been a working student in the Technical Center since May 2021, where his day-to-day work includes test data capture, database work and analysis of data obtained.

Bhargav Sanchania: working student in the Mechanical Design Engineering team

Bhargav Sanchania joined the Mechanical Design Engineering department in October 2021 as a working student. Sanchania has a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, has already worked as a mechanical design engineer and is now doing his Master’s degree. Besides plenty of motivation, passion and creativity, he also brings extensive practical knowledge to the party, and is currently providing support to the Mechanical Design Engineering team in ongoing and new design projects.

Dennis Klotzbach: working student in the Mechanical Design Engineering team

Dennis Klotzbach has been working in the Mechanical Design department since March 2020. This working student has a broad range of theoretical and practical experience. What he particularly appreciates about his work at Kubota Brabender Technologie is the fact that he is given a great deal of freedom as well as responsibility, even as a working student. For example, he has already supervised an entire project from start to finish in collaboration with a design engineer.


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Working students normally work up to 20 hours a week. This timeframe enables them to make an effective contribution to their employers’ commercial success.

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